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Do you love the Cape Agulhas area, but could never get yourself to invest, because you are looking for that special family lifestyle you have not been able to find yet?

The good news is that special family lifestyle exists, you were just looking in the wrong place... Langezandt Fishermen's Village, on the beach with it's beautiful thick white walls and thatched roofs... has what you are looking for.

Contact Joey or Pierre-Etienne we will gladly assist in finding your cottage at the beach!

We will be at the office, Monday to Saturday, to welcome and introduce you to Langezandt Fishermen's Village. Please note - Sundays by appointment only.

Meet the team

072 620 8505
082 3344 554

Our Office:

(028) 435 6655 (Tel)
(086) 6900 171 (Fax)

Office in the Estate
1 Fisherman Place
Langezandt Fishermen's Village

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