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We would love to hear your thoughts on Langezandt and the service provided:

We were on holiday recently at Cape Agulhas. We popped in to Langezandt because friends of ours had a cottage there and we wanted to have a look at it. We met Johan who gave us the whole story of Langezandt and we started looking around. The next day we met Joey who showed us round some of the available houses. She was informative, friendly, efficient and helpful. On the last day of our holiday we made another visit to see more of the houses for sale. Joey went out of her way to answer all our questions. The personal commitment she and Johan have to this beautiful development is reassuring to prospective buyers. We want to thank you both for your warmth and friendliness.

Liz and John Barrow
My wife and I always dreamt of our house by the sea (huisie by die see!). Over the years we looked at various options but the value was just not there. We were told about Langezandt by friends, and with the idea of migrating to the Cape, we looked into this opportunity. From the first email to the final contract sign it has been a pleasure working with Joey. We live and work abroad as expats, so we asked question upon question and wanted photos of this house then photos of that house. Information on this and what about that. No effort was spared by Joey and she patiently supplied every detail, and more, so we can make a remote decision. When we sent our parents for a final view, she treated them like old friends and based on this we were able to say; This will be home! Thanks to Joey and team for a comfortable feel on this investment. Keep up the good work!

Steven de Jager
Well done

When we first bought the plot, our thinking was that it would be a great investment opportunity and that we would sell after a few years. However, after meeting some of the people staying on the estate and the professional team (well led by Joey). We decided it was a place where we could stay. The building process was the best and most professional building experience we ever had. The quality of what was delivered together with the interaction during the process has been fantastic. We have spend a few Decembers in our new home and run away from Cape Town when ever we can. The thinking that went into planning the estate was brilliant, but the ongoing experiences with the team is even better. Well done and keep it up.

Sam and Ethel Ngumeni
We are in the process of building and it is an absolute pleasure dealing with Joey. Joey is smart and super efficient and nothing is ever a problem. Thanks Joey! Mari Gaertner

Langezandt Estate is nothing but HEAVEN !we bought our plot four years ago, and started immediately to built our second home. Rudi and the team were absolutely fantastic, and they take care of every bit of detail. Rudi and his team are more like friends rather than people who just sell something to you and leave you out in the cold.Anyone who consider investing in Langezandt, can do so with CONFIDENCE

Andre & Riana Fourie
The Langezandt team are really amazing even though they are so professional and efficient they are really so friendly - it must be due to the fresh air and this heavenly place that they make everything stress free.

"To invest in Langezandt was immediate and I feel more emotionally attached to the fact that I am now a part of this beautiful place as the time passes. This feeling has grown tremendously as a result of the excellent services that I received from Johan and Joey. Their readiness to go that "extra mile" that so many speak about but so few really travel, is truly amazing.

Vladimir Linkov
Thanks Joey you are the most efficient person in the Western Cape. We are so happy that we have bought a little slice of heaven and are really excited about now building a beautiful holiday home at Langezandt. We would really like to thank you for all of your hard work but most of all for your bubbly personality and infectious love of Langezandt because that was the swing factor in us deciding to buying at Langezandt, we want to be where people like you are. So thank you and we look forward to many happy years of holidaying at Langezandt.


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